Timber Sash Box Windows Repair & Restoration in London

 APT offer specialist sash window repairs, draught proofing, double glazing of existing wooden/timber sash windows, we manufacture and replicate full sash window, sash window replacement in London.


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Rotten, draughty, sash windows? We can help. Call us: 0208 6739 664

Welcome to APT Bespoke Joinery – We are specialist Sash Window Repair and Replacement wooden windows company, we repair and manufacture timber sash box windows, timber casement windows and even wooden doors can be restored or manufactured.

Our carefully selected and trained timber joiners and spray specialist have vast expertise in sash windows repair and restoration of the traditional authentic modern box, sash and casement windows in London sw6.

We provide our comprehensive sash window repair services throughout London.  APT can take care of manufacturing and fitting of period sash windows and casement windows constructed from Softwood or Hardwood (Oak) complemented with energy efficient double glazing to perfectly match the period style of the repaired windows. APT have been providing top quality box sash window repairs and manufacturing, with the best possible price.

sash window repair workshop
sash window repair workshop

Why Choose Us for Sash Window Repairs?

QUALITY WORKMANSHIP – We use only proven top quality materials and hardware.

SPECIALIST REPAIRS – We always repair before replacing your period windows.

ORIGINAL FINISH – We replicate every Sash windows and restore original look.

Benefits of Sash Window Repair:

  • Free of draughts and rattles
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Good Insulation
  • Enjoy your restored windows

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    Reg. Company Number: 10012701

    VAT Reg:  245 578 281

    We are able to replace existing windows on a like-for-like including wooden double hung and single glazed sliding box sash windows, bay windows and replacement window frames. 

    Why would a sash window require repair?

    If you live in London and looking for Sash windows repair and replacement company near you then you are in right place. As you know sash windows are constructed from several different pieces of timber. Any one of these sections could become decayed and would require repair or sectional replacement. Leaving these sections unresolved could cause long term decay to surrounding sections and lead to a situation where replacement of the entire window is the most economical solution. At APT we believe that replacement of a original window is the last option. Therefore, we’ve created cost effective ways to repair or replace decayed sections by combining modern technology with good old carpentry skills. Our aim with these repairs are to ensure that the problem is resolved permanently and thus provide the sash window owner with a long term solution, rather than a short term fix.

    Why Our clients choose us.

    APT Bespoke Joinery is a specialist manufacturer of all types of joinery, including windows, doors  and staircases. We also provide a skilled cabinet–making service for furniture and built-in items such as shelving, panelling and wardrobes.

    Our Joinery workshop and sprayshop is based in London, sw6, making it easy for us to provide a full design, manufacture and install service right across London. Clients include builders, fit-out specialists and professional designers – and we are very happy to supply the private home owner too.

    We provide a full joinery service, but also offer specialist expertise in period design feature replacements including front entrance doors, French Door sets, Victorian panelled doors and period style windows.

    sash windows sill replacement

    Sash Window Sill repair or replacement

    sash window bottom rail replacement

    Bottom rail repair or replacement

    We can supply you with made-to-measure bespoke timber windows to fit in existing window openings and we are also able to upgrade or repair your existing window frames with new moving parts.

    middle rail replacement

    Middle rail repair or replacement

    sash window glass repair

    Glass replacement


    Traditional English timber sash windows usually come in 4 designs:

    Modern – Spiral balanced Sash Window Repair sw6
    Contemporary – Mock Sash Window London
    Classic – Weighted Sash Window
    Historic – Weighted Sash Window
    Edwardian sliding sashes
    Edwardian Marginal glazed
    Edwardian Six over two
    Edwardian Two over two

    Victorian vertical sliding sash
    Victorian side opening casement

    Regency semi circular headed
    Regency Marginal glazed
    Georgian vertical sliding sash
    Georgian side opening casement
    Georgian flush fitting casements

    sash window glazing


    APT Bespoke Joinery can manufacture and fit bespoke sash windows with double glazed safety glass as standard as well as toughened and laminated glass, acoustic glass, and textured, obscured or stained glass.


    All of our traditional timber windows feature authentic moulding that will perfectly complement your property. Our internal mouldings are created bespoke to match the original mouldings in your home, while outside detailing such as glazing bars and horns are matched to existing features.

    sash window moulding


    All of our sash windows can be finished in the exact shade of your choice. We use high pigment, resin-rich microporous paint by British paint experts Farrow & Ball, renowned for their beautiful, premium quality paints and stunning, unmatched shades since 1946.

    Ironmongery and Opening

    For the perfect finishing touch, our traditional sash windows come with a choice of solid metal fittings in classic brass, stylish copper and sleek chrome and satin chrome. Bespoke fittings can also be arranged on individual specification.

    The most popular finishes for our ironmongery items are Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome and Imitation Bronze.

    windows ironmongery
    Double hang Sash windows

    All our box sash windows are crafted by hand in the traditional way and will meet your full expectation. These beautiful bespoke windows bring classic looks to even the most modem building.

    Whether working on Listed Buildings, refurbishments or new-build properties, we are able to match any window or provide any new design to architect specification.

    We are happy to supply any client, whether trade, professional or private customer.

    APT can match any existing window pattern and provide new windows that are highly energy – efficient and environmentally friendly. Far more attractive than UPVC, these windows are made in either softwood or hardwood.

    Sash windows come with cords, pulleys and weights or spring-balance mechanisms, and are delivered either in a primed finish, a natural finish or can be spray-painted to order. They can be single, double, double or triple-glazed as required. All are fully draught-proofed. Mouldings can be specified as required.

    Given the extensive experience of our joinery team and using the finest woods available, you will find we provide the ideal service – whether you’re a builder, professional or private home owner.

    Single hung windows are usually engineered of softwood, and these units were traditionally comes as single-glazed. Early sash windows were engineered from durable hard wood that lasted centuries and has been restored throughout history.
    The glass quality and density in authentic sash windows must be considered to be very important. Fitted glass type can be plate, broad, thick glass, crown or cylinder. Old type glass can be easily identified by its imperfections and is not very clear which affects distortion of interior and exterior appearance when looking through it and from outside. Most of the old glass can not be replicated or restored, however more clear new glass can be used.

    Our timber box sash windows are crafted by hand in the traditional English style to ensure true authentic look. Our made to measure softwood or hardwood windows will bring that iconic look to even the most modem build properties.
    If you are working on period listed buildings, refurbishments or new-build properties, APT Bespoke Joinery is able to match any window style and design.
    Our double hung sash units are made in either softwood or hardwood.

    Double hung sash windows come with masterpiece mechanism which includes cords, pulleys and weights or spring-balance to operate window by hand. Finished unit can either be prime finished, a natural finish or can be spray-painted to order. These type of windows can be single, double or triple-glazed as required. All are windows are treated with full draught-mask.

    Casement windows

    APT Bespoke Joinery London is able to manufacture various types of complete casement sash window, including all designs and configurations in both softwood and hardwood types.
    APT Bespoke Joinery is able to replicate casement windows which includes traditional ovolo, lambs tongue ironmongery pieces and square section mouldings. We are able to make and install bespoke timber casement windows which includes traditional flush casements, including modern designs. These window units can be either single or double-glazed according to your windows opening requirements.
    Our durable replacement wooden windows are can be manufactured with double or triple glazing which meets current UK regulations. All our wooden casement windows are manufactured ensuring fully draught-proof, helping you to cut down your heating expenses. Our hand crafted casement windows are traditionally designed to add real charm and iconic character to your refurbished or new build property. Our hand crafted authentic timber windows can be restored to period properties and listed buildings, including Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian properties.
    If the frames of existing casement windows are in still in good condition we are also able to repair or replace the moving ironmongery parts of the windows.

    Also APT Bespoke Joinery can manufacture, double glazed sealed units, such as DGU’s. All our manufactured DGUs windows come BSEN 1279 Parts 1 to 6 and stamped with CE Mark. We manufacture DGUs with our windows, doors and conservatories. Our DGUs are specially made up from 2 pane units of glass, and properly sealed all around the perimeter of frames which makes them airtight.
    All of our DGU units comes with dual seal. We use polyurethane sealant, this allows us to offer you a guarantee on our own manufactured units up to 10 years this is only applied when glazing is supplied and fitted by us.
    We can also offer special seal, which is made out of epoxy resin; this which comes with a 15-year guarantee (all our glazing is in according with GGF regulations). We are also able to provide triple glazed units which is not made in house and comes from our specialist supplier and their warranty applies according to their specification.

    Wood types we use for our bespoke crafted windows
    Accoya sash windows – is best tropical hardwood compromises with it’s high performance and durability.

    Douglas fir (Oregon pine) sash windows – Is proven durable and premium grade softwood, which is widely used nowadays.
    Advantages of Doglas fir is source of good insulator for sound, as well as heat and electricity. It is also natural fire retard. Its is known to be highly resistant to mechanical and chemical abrasion.
    European redwood sash windows (deal, also known as scots pine and Baltic pine) – this type of timber is widely used to make sash windows since 17th century. It incorporates the few blends of pine, spruce and fir and it is imported from Northern side of Europe.
    This type of wood is resistant to decay, light weight.

    Dark red meranti hardwood sash windows – meranti comes in different red shades and it is quite high in density, as it has been widely available and affordable. Meranti is naturally resistant to decay and insect manifestation.
    Mahogany sash windows – are widely used for the construction of sash windows, whilst it is known to be stable timber and quite expensive.
    Sapele hardwood sash windows – window units made of this type of wood tend to be quite heavy and are very durable piece of wood.

    Our all sash window London units features:
    Selected Engineered timber
    Wood is has been natural and best choice of material for constructing widows throughout centuries. Wooden windows has appealing appearances and solid. However throughout exposed contact with moisture can dramatically damage shape and form. This also can be avoided if extra care has been taken and draught proof mask and paint is refreshed regularly. We can supply specially selected layer engineered wood with the fine grain laying in multiple directions which prevents any twisting or warping and preserves windows for longer period. . This type of engineered timber wood has been used for centuries in Britain.
    Modern Double glazing
    Double glazing is evolved by making big differences to glass and glazing throughout modern age. It compromised with high thermal insulation with minimum loss in natural light and helps you to cut down you bills.
    Micro-porous spray paint
    For greater durability we paint and spray our manufactured window units which requires minimal maintenance and tend to provide highest level of protection.

    We use wide range of ironmongery items and sash locks available in various finishes and styles, can also source more unusual designs if required. All our ironmongery pieces comes from UK suppliers and all items are British made.
    The most popular finishes for our ironmongery items are Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome and Imitation Bronze.
    If you have special requirements or need to match items in Listed Buildings, our specialist suppliers can source closest-match pieces or can even arrange for manufacturing to your specification.


    Sash windows are traditional British wooden windows has been engineered and used throughout history since it has been introduced to England in early 18th century and become classic additional peace to a perioud and a modern houses. Most of the English buildings preserved sash windows and thereis is a good reason why most of new builds and period properties still use them as iconic piece. If you are renovating a Georgian, Regency or Victorian house, it is must preserve it by repairing or replacing existing sash windows.

    The word ‘sash’ is applies for a single frame for glazing. A traditional crafted with corded slide sash window is originally made up of two wooden sash pieces which slide up and down.
    The sash window are often can be found in most of Georgian and Victorian time build properties, and the authentic traditional sash windows has three divided panes across by two up on each of two sash, which makes it a six panes on top of six panel window.

    The term “sash windows” is used interchangeably with the term “box sash windows” in the United Kingdom, London, and frequently used to describe the same thing. Historically box sash windows are heavier and more stately in nature than modern sash windows, but both terms are used within the industry when referring to the same type of window.

    Whilst late Victorian and Edwardian period building has standard timber sash window units hand crafted and it comes in various sizes.
    When choosing sash windows for period properties ensure you get right type windows, as there were severe changes in style of sash windows over the years. Venetian box sash windows especially engineered with unique style and design which consist of central sliding sash with two fixed side panes attached.

    Iconic Queen Anne Revival style is also widely used which is quite different than previous sash windows, which has several panes in the upper part of sash windows, and only one or two dividing in the lower sash.
    Traditional engineered timber sash windows are most likely the ones that are widely used and installed in Conservation Area or a period listed building.