Bespoke Staircases by Skilled Wood Craftsmen

The staircase is usually the first thing to catch your attention when you enter a home for the first time. It is well worth considering the key elements and design features of your staircase. Whether you are planning to restore an existing staircase or to install a new one, APT Bespoke Joinery can manufacture and install the right staircase to enhance your home, whether it is a traditional design or a contemporary one with glass. We can offer a wide range of staircase styles that will add the stunning finish of bespoke craftsmanship to your home.


The team here are exceptionally experienced and together represent well over thirty years of expertise.


You’ll find all our staff professional at all times, and will help you find what’s right for you and your home.


We pay great attention to detail, which means we can replicate existing joinery pieces to a very high standard.


We are happy when you are happy, and will always go out of on way to ensure the very best for you.

Painted Staircases

Painted staircases can be a real feature in a hallway. While big design decisions are made around hallway flooring, walls, and lighting, steps and staircases can often be forgotten. But they are a great untapped resource, offering the possibility to create something homely, welcoming and affordable.
Our beautifully painted staircases can perfectly work in your bright and spacious hallway and in the same time can blend in with existing decor, and can completely transform the look of your hallway.
If you’re looking for a more traditional staircase then why not try mixing your favourite paint colour on the spindles with one of our supprising wood finished oak, mahogany or walnut handrails and newel caps which can create a a beautiful combination staircase that will command admiring glances and comments from friends and family.

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Oak Staircases

Our beautiful hardwood staircases and the level of detail and craftsmanship which go into them are also available in Oak. The Ellesmere or Langdale twisted staircase spindles for example when coupled with an elegant curved volute create a stylish yet classic feature in the heart of your home.
Bespoke design and high quality craftsmanship ensure that this integral feature of your home is no longer simply functional. Every hallway should feel inviting, as it is a guest’s first impression of your home. By choosing an elegant timber designs in fine hardwoods, you will ensure your hallway has that ‘wow’ factor as well as being welcoming and stylish.

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Modern Staircases

A real design transformation has happened to staircases over the last twenty years and APT Joinery is part of this transformation. Staircases have moved from being a pure necessity to become a real focal point of your home and no-one understand this better than us. So let’s take a look at a few ways that you could capture that “Wow” factor for your home.
Glass has now become a great option which can add character to your staircase. And it is a fantastic choice if you are looking to bring your home into the modern era, or to brighten your a sunlight-starved hall. This is also the way to go if you want to allow the maximum of light while not compromising safety in your home.
Normally you would have the choice of the glass either being clamped into place, or embedded into a recess in the handrail and baserail – giving the impression of there being nothing at all at a first glance!
Manufacturing a beautiful staircase depends on several key requirements. One of the main key element is, of course, the design itself.
Part of really good design is often the the handrail – and this really makes it stand out. The handrail has gradually transformed from a simple element designed to provide safety and protection to a wonderful and chic design detail. Some staircases have given up the handrail completely in order to achieve a more minimalist look

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